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The Home Inspection Guide For Do It Yourself Home Buyers


Filled with almost 700 full color photos and detailed descriptions of thousands of potential issues found by home inspectors in homes both new and old, The Home Inspection Guide for Do-It-Yourself Home Buyers is in a class of its own.

This how-to guide for home inspections cuts through much of the technical jargon and overly complicated text of the typical home inspection books to bring you a concise and effective visual manual that will help you find and assess many issues with your current or prospective home.

With this book you’ll be able to make informed decisions that protect your family, your possessions and your wallet.

The Home Inspection Guide for Do-It-Yourself Home Buyers is not only perfect for every type of home buyer but even for home sellers that want to prepare their home to sell with as little hassle as possible. With over 15 years of experience and nearly 700 photos condensed into an easy to use guide, this book is perfect for:

  • Do-It-Yourselfers That Want a Visual Guide to Inspect a Home on Their Own
  • Cost Conscious Home Buyers That Aren’t Going to Hire an Inspector But Need the Peace of Mind That They Have Made a Great Purchase
  • Buyers Looking to “Pre-Inspect” a Home Before Making an Offer or Hiring a Professional Home Inspector
  • Buyers that Want to Be Armed With the Best Knowledge to Become an Effective “Second Set of Eyes” When Hiring and Working with a Professional Home Inspector
  • Investors Flipping Multiple Houses A Year
  • New Home Inspectors Needing an Extra Visual Reference to Do the Job the Best They Can for Their Clients
  • Home Sellers Wanting to Know How to Position Their Home To SELL
  • Real Estate Agents Looking For the “Insider Knowledge” to Help Their Sellers Prepare Their Homes to Hit the Market
  • ANYONE ELSE That Wants to Make an Informed Decision About a Home Purchase or Sale

Buying a home can often be even more frightening than it is exciting.

With The Home Inspection Guide for Do-It-Yourself Home Buyers in your toolkit, it doesn’t have to be.